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It is the basic name of the methods which are used by special techniques applied by hand, especially used in the correction of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic is very effective method for reducing pain caused by the immobilization of joint structures and pressure on the nervous system.




Posture is the mirror of the human body and Spine.

Many spine problems can be seen with posture testing. Straight Neck , Kyphosis (Over curve of Torakal area) 

Lordosis (Excessive of the Waist Curve)

Scoliosis (Side curve formation of Spine)

Posture Pro and Posture Analysis Test is done by focus cameras in computer environment with special angle meter.

''Every back pain is not caused by Herniated Disc''

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the most common and most important causes of low back pain, which is the tear of the outer disc structure between the two vertebraes possible most caused by heavy lifting. Symptoms are mostly back and leg pain and numbness. Pain increases by the movement, cough and sneeze. Depending on the nerve root damage, numbness, tingling, burning and loss of strength may occur.

However, in many patients who think that they suffer from hernia, rather than tearing (hernie), appears to be bulging, which bulging is not herniation.

Today, even non-dominant hernia can be treated without surgery, operation on disc bulge is a big mistake. However, strong back muscles and flexible facet joints can easily recover and protect us from pains for a long time. Many patients underwent pain due to their weak muscle structure and dull connective tissues after hernia operations.

Regular Chiropractic treatments provide and protect healthy people, as well as a rapid healing process in those suffering from low back pain.

Postural Disorders

Why should we do Chiropractic ?

Our spine is a whole series of joints. The brain communicates with our entire body through a main nerve cord (Spinal Cord) that passes through this group of joints. Vital conditions, genetic developments and disorders, weaken muscle structure, and frost-blocked facet bonds, and, most importantly, irregular contractions caused by stress forms deformations and deadlocks on this structure.

Pressure occures directly on the nerves or on the passage channels. This pressure causes pain and numbness on that line. Irregular muscle contractions, inelastic facet bonds or traumas can cause minor changes in the vertebral joints or sacroiliac region. Constriction of the nerve channels or disc deformations will cause pain and drowsiness as it pressures on the nerve.

Incorrect alignment of the vertebrae is one of the main causes of back pain. With the Chiropractic adjustment it is possible to fix misalignments. Patients heals quickly and returns to their healthy life with a short exercise and stretching program. The tendon structures (ligaments) found in our bodies are need to be sufficiently flexible, and strong muscle structure keeps our body alive and increase our ability to move. If Chiropractic adjustments are regularly maintained our spine health will be protected. likewise we take our cars to the service regularly, we should show the same respect to our body's most important part and take regular maintenance of our spine. 

How to get rid of low back pain without medication? ?

Microbiological causes are rarely seen on the basis of the lower back pain, which the main reasons are the misuse of our body. There is no effect of drugs in a situation that is caused by internal mechanical interventions. This type of pains are given as a guiding signals. It is a warning light indicating that there is a problem. Pain relievers do not go beyond removing the bulb of signal indicator or lowering the car's safety belt sound. In short, it does not fix the problem. If you do not remove a needle that is sinking on your finger, with drugs and painkillers you can only ignore the situation, but you can not cure. The effective treatment of low back pain is not pain relief drugs but physical therapy exercises and Chiropractic adjustments.

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